We mainly deal with containers and accessories for high purity chemicals, but upon request, we can also develop and make proposals on various industrial products, both resin and metal.

1. 5–20 L lower-discharge container with decreased residual liquid

Conveying and storage containers for liquids
Preparations / Beverages (including alcohol) / etc.

5 L
 (5–20L can be manufactured based on the requested volume)

Main unit: SUS304
Lid: SUS304

Cock: SUS316L
Internal piston part: Fluororesins (PTFE)
Handle and retaining ring: SUS304

Total height: 384 mm
Body diameter: 232 mm
Depth (including cock): 325 mm

Various types (silicone/EPDM/fluorine rubber/NBR)
Residual liquid
Structure that suppresses residual liquid
Easy to clean because no screws are used in the main unit of the container
Cock and vent valve can be disassembled when cleaning.
*Cleaning methods should be performed under the direction of the health department or in accordance with company regulations.

2. Foot-operated stand for 5–10-L pump containers for reduction of residual liquid

(Patent filing in progress)
With this foot-operated type, it is easier to pump highly viscous liquids.

UsesSubdivision/refilling from large volume containers, etc.
(in case of highly viscous liquids such as shampoo/conditioner/body soap)
Target Capacity5-L pump containers
(5–10-L pump containers can be manufactured in accordance with your desired pump capacity)
MaterialSUS304 (or SUS430, depending on the parts)
SizeHeight: 1,102 mm; Width: 214 mm; and Depth: 400 mm
CharacteristicsStructure in which residual liquids are suppressed