Our company listens to customer requests and offers customized products from standard products and customer original products.

Containers for a high-purity chemicals (chemical packaging)

Our lineup of pressurized containers that are clean, functional, and safe as well as used for transporting products, such as high-purity semiconductor and medical materials.

Fluid process parts

We deal with a wide variety of products related to the transportation of high-purity chemicals, including O-rings and gaskets, as well as container bodies.

Corrosion and wear resistance metal surface treatment

Widely used for both semiconductor manufacturing process equipment and parts, and general industrial parts. In addition to corrosion resistance, the sliding mechanical parts also have wear-resistant effects.

Other products

We also handle promotional products other than high-purity chemicals as well as original accessories, etc.

Import/marketing of high-purity chemicals

Mainly import and sale of high-purity chemicals for semiconductors. We also deal with chemicals covered under the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control; therefore, please contact us if you have a need for these chemicals.