Thinking ahead to fulfill expectations

We support the flow of manufacturing by designing and 
manufacturing transportation containers and related products to meet the expectations of all involved.


A partner that meets diverse needs and supports your business

Manock Industry Co., Ltd., in cooperation with various domestic and overseas business partners, designs and manufactures transportation containers and related products based on customer applications and operating environments. We also provide comprehensive support not only for inspection and quality control, but also for aftersales support after shipment. We support our many customers by designing and manufacturing transportation containers and related products that protect the quality of contents and support the flow of manufacturing.

About us


We propose, manufacture and sell containers necessary for transporting high-purity chemicals produced by chemical manufacturers to use points.

  • Manufacturing high-purity chemicals for semiconductors

  • Packing chemicals into containers

  • Transporting to semiconductor manufacturing factories

  • Completing semiconductors

  • Creating devices that are essential for daily life

The high-purity chemicals required in the semiconductor industry dislike fine dust and impurities, so the containers must be clean. Advances made in cutting-edge technology necessitates even higher purity and increased demand for containers. The role of Manock Industry is to work with customers to create containers for transporting high-purity chemicals while maintaining their purity.


「If you don't have it, we can send you one.」

  • 01

    Containers for a high-purity chemicals

    Our lineup of pressurized containers that are clean, functional, and safe as well as used for transporting products, such as  high-purity semiconductor and medical materials.

  • 02

    Fluid process parts

    We deal with a wide variety of products related to the transportation of high-purity chemicals, including O-rings and gaskets, as well as container bodies.

  • 03

    Corrosion and wear resistance metal surface treatment

    Widely used for both semiconductor manufacturing process equipment and parts, and general industrial parts. In addition to corrosion resistance, the sliding mechanical parts also have wear-resistant effects.