Air nozzle


Air nozzle

Capable of realizing high levels of performance never seen before and unparalleled energy savings.

  • Large-scale reduction in the retention rate of water droplets, dust, and dirt
  • Enables cost reductions through energy saving
  • Reduces environmental burden by decreasing CO2

Examples of compatible industries: Our products are used in the semiconductor/pharmaceutical/formulation/beverage/food/automotive and various other industries.

Easy-to-replace type

Material: SUS304/aluminum

  • Designed to fit the shape of commonly used air nozzles to facilitate easy replacement
  • With a higher capacity than current nozzles, it can restrict air consumption by up to 1/5.
  • Reduces noise stress with quiet design and considerably reduces CO2 emissions
  • Consumption flow not proportional to air supply pressure

Curtain type

Type with a width of 40–160 mm
Material: SUS304/aluminum

  • This is the curtain type, which, depending on the unit cost of air generation, can reduce costs by up to 360,000 yen per year.
  • In general, compressor air constitutes 20% to 30% of a factory's total electricity bill. For a new compressor, it is possible to considerably increase the air consumption by up to 1/5; moreover, its directivity of approximately 100 mm means the air speed and discharge distance can be substantially increased compared to current products.

Conveyor guide type

Nozzles can be integrated into the guides used on ordinary conveyors, among others.

  • By creating efficient air flows, it removes the foreign matter on the target surface of the conveyor
  • Generating high-speed air owing to its plate shape, it takes unprecedented approach to rotating an object using air resistance (depending on the conditions).
  •  During operation, the surface of the nozzle is constantly exposed to high-speed air flows. This creates a film of air between the object and nozzle, and this film prevents foreign matter from attaching to the nozzle, thus keeping the nozzle clean.


Point1:High-efficiency air

Discharges highly directional thin air with its unique design
Compared to conventional nozzles, it achieves thin air discharge with minimal energy loss.
Achieves an unparalleled level of high efficiency, saves energy, and reduces noise stress.

Point2:High wind velocity

Capable of faster air discharge than conventional products
High-speed air discharged from a uniquely designed nozzle.
Compared with conventional products, which have a discharge speed of 40 to 80 m/s, this product boasts an unparalleled high discharged speed of 80 to 125 m/s.

Point3:Cost reductions

Large-scale reduction in running costs by up to 1/5
By making savings with respect to consumption flow, the cost of the electricity used to produce air is reduced.
Contributes considerably to a reduction in CO2 emitted due to power consumption.
*General air cost: 1 m3 = 2–4 yen (as of FY2023)
Annual operating hours - calculated on basis of 8 hours per day × 20 days per month × 12 months = 1920 hours (based on our company research)

Point4:Noise reduction

Cuts the perceived noise level by half to reduce noise stress
It is possible to reduce noise by implementing our products.
Noise levels at −10dB(A) level compared to typical products
This difference results in halving of the perceived noise effect.
*Noise value from nozzle with air setting pressure of 0.6 MPa. This was calculated by setting up a measuring instrument at a distance of 1 m from the nozzle and at a height of 1.2 m from the ground.

The nozzle can be selected after the customer tries it out using a sampler.
Following that, we shall loan the customer the number of devices required to verify the actual equipment. The customer will install and verify the equipment.
Uses compressor air (recommended air pressure for use: 0.6 MPa; clean dry air recommended).