We offer fittings suiting for each type of container/chemical and these enable containers to be filled without exposing them to the outside air.

[Fluororesin Connectors]

Developed for use in transportation containers for high purity semiconductor chemicals, industrial cleaning liquids, etc.; these connectors combine safety, tightness, and workability.


The QCH have a long track record and is a basic model.
It uses PCTFE, a fluororesin with high physical strength and excellent chemical resistance, for a long service life.


Super one-touch connection and anti-drip mechanism (0.1 ml residual liquid).
Main unit material is available in PCTFE and PFA.
This connector is developed for small containers of high-purity semiconductor chemicals, industrial cleaning liquids, etc.


Developed for small containers.
It is equipped with a function that prevents the misconnection of liquid and gas as standard and is easy to use.


Enhanced misconnection prevention with a difference key ring.
An anti-drip mechanism (0.05 mL residual liquid)

●AQC Auto Connectors

The AQC Automatic Connectors were  developed in response to the increasing size and diameter of high-purity chemical containers.
Capable of being connected, disconnected, cleaned, and dried using air power.
A key code system is also provided to prevent misconnections, and sensors are used for safety checks during connection.

[Metal Couplers]

●Semiconductor coupler SP type

Stainless steel (SUS304, SUS316) is used for the main unit and valve spring. Electropolished body for improved corrosion resistance.
Sealing materials can be freely selected according to the fluid and application. Flexible support for semiconductor manufacturing processes.
A wide variety of sizes are available depending on the desired application and flow rate.