Equipment-related business

We manufacture and sell various equipment and units related to fluids and provide containers, facilities, and equipment based on our customers' requirements.


Equipment-related business

[Past examples of support]

  • AQC connector automatic connection chemical supply equipment
  •  High-purity chemical solution circulation and filtration equipment
  • Automatic labeler added to existing line conveyor for gallon bottles
  • Back-in-box, two-way semi-automatic filling machine for polyethylene cans
  • Two-way automatic filling machine for 20-L polyethylene cans (with capper)
  • Semi-automatic bottle washing machine
  • 200-L power drum automatic washing, filling, and palletizing equipment

Drum draining system

Pressurized canister container filling equipment

Automatic filling machine for 200L drums

Semi-automatic filling machine for 20L polyethylene cans