Polyethylene container

Specifications of composite drums and polyethylene cans for transporting chemicals meet UN regulation standards and are ideal for the safe and secure shipping of dangerous materials. We recommend our large selection of drums with high quality and superior chemical resistance manufactured by leading Japanese companies.

Clean polyethylene  container

20L Clean polyethylene container

Clean polyethylene container

Container with high-cleanness by complete automation and uniform manufacturing line from shaping to packaging.
Light shielding and barrier properties by multilayer structure.


Volume Main body measurements(mm) Opening inner diameter(mm)
1L ø92.5×H216 ø22.5
4L ø168×H312 ø27
5L W150×L240×H272 ø40
6L W142×L192×H295 ø32
10L ø290×H390 ø97
20L W265×L265×H395 ø50