High purity chemical supply system containersSmall composite drums (PE and fluororesin internal containers) 15-200L

We offer a wide selection of pressured containers prioritizing cleanliness, function and safety for transporting high purity chemicals for semiconductors and medical use. The internal container is made of carefully selected materials to prevent leakage of impurities and the occurrence of particles is reduced to the limit by forming clean air blow.
Since pneumatic transportation with clean air is possible, high-purity chemicals can be transported in a clean state without contacting air.

Composite drums

100L Stainless steel exterior and polyethylene inner tube.
Pressurized container for transport of high purity chemicals.

Stainless steel exterior

Strong and corrosion-resistant stainless steel container that can be used safely.
UN certified containers are also available and can be transported overseas.


Volume Exterior Internal container material Height Drum diameter
100L SUS304・316 PE・PFA 846mm 513mm
200L SUS304・316 PE・PFA 1062mm 632mm
1000L SUS304・316 PE・PFA 1885mm 1120mm
Composite drums

15L FRP exterior- polyethylene inner tube
Pressurized container for transporting high purity chemicals

FRP exterior
(Fiberglass reinforced plastic exterior)

Container excellent in acid resistance which uses light and durable FRP for exterior.
By using a PFA inner container, it is possible to use highly corrosive and high purity chemicals over the long term.


Volume Exterior Internal container material Height Drum diameter
15L FRP PFA 510mm 272mm
100L FRP PE・PFA 934mm 512mm
200L FRP PE 1100mm 611mm

15L/18L PE exterior- polyethylene inner tube
Pressurized container for transporting high purity chemicals

PE exterior(SLB/VA container)

Because it uses HDPE (high density polyethylene), it is lightweight, compact and can be carried with even human. It is a container characterized by good handling. It is used for various purposes such as transport of high purity chemicals or subtank of manufacturing equipment.

■ 15L/18L

High purity chemical supply system containersSmall single canisters0.25-3000L

Container for flammable chemicals and organic solvents for semiconductor, liquid crystal, medical and LiB use.
It is possible to supply to the production line without changing the cleanliness of chemicals by pressurization method.
The inside of the container is electropolished (EP) and rinsed with ultrapure water. Therefore, the product is high quality.

Stainless bottles

Stainless single bottles for high-purity chemicals

Stainless bottles

Rust and damage-resistant small containers made of stainless steel
Can be used as a clean container by giving surface treatment such as acid pickling or EP
Plenty of sizes to accommodate various demands


Volume Exterior Inner surface treatment Height Diameter
0.25L SUS304・316 Acid pickling/electro-polishing - -
1L SUS304・316 Acid pickling/electro-polishing - -

Stainless single canisters for high-purity chemicals

Stainless single canisters

Pressurized vessels using stainless steel or titanium for longer and safer use.
Internal surface or acid pickling can improve resistance to corrosion, and fluororesin lining can increase chemical-resistance.


Volume Exterior Inner surface treatment Height Diameter
18L SUS304・316 Acid pickling/electro-polishing 609mm 230mm
100L SUS304・316 Acid pickling/electro-polishing 934mm 512mm
200L SUS304・316 Acid pickling/electro-polishing
fluororesin lining
996mm 608mm
1,000L SUS304・316 Acid pickling/electro-polishing
fluororesin lining
1700mm 1130mm
Before filling

Before filling

After filling

After filling

Inner bag-type high purity chemical supply system containerChemical carrier bag

Various liquid transportation containers that are widely used worldwide can be fitted with clean inner bags.


  • The inner bag is fabricated in a clean environment and can be used for chemical liquids used in precision processing, including semiconductor circuits.
  • Low particle, high gas barrier performance.
  • By replacing the inner bag each time, the operation is possible without cleaning the container’s inner surface.
  • The inner bag comprises a heavy-duty material that demonstrates exceptional strength.
  • Provided with our proprietary out-pouring port, which can be connected to various containers and connectors.
  • By connecting via connector, filling and discharging are enabled without contact with the outer atmosphere.
  • Residual amount of liquid is reduced by pressing the bag in case of pump suction and similar operations.
    Example:200-L bag ;
    0.1–0.3 L (0.05%–0.15%)
    1000-L bag;
  • Reduction of the amount of waste resin or solvent contributes to the reduction of CO2 emission of your Company.
  • Enables the transport of chemicals that cannot be handled in metal containers.
  • Conformity with laws and regulations regarding shipping containers.

Examples of containers provided with inner bag

canister pail can steel drum plastic drum IBC
capacity 20~200L 20L 200L 200L 1000L
of outer
stainless steel

Chemical carrier bag
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Dai Nipon Printing Co., Ltd.

Development and design of US containers

We will perform design development, UN application, and update procedure on behalf of users. The services include designing containers conforming to the UN regulations necessary for conveying chemicals overseas, and obtaining UN for containers that can not acquire UN under normal conditions.